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Some instruments  available in Tunisia.

Titre de la fiche / nom de l'article

1                Main Design Data               
Main Machine                to press button for lift(0-150mm) automatical
Rotating Speed                10-180rpm  motor power:30w
Heating Bath                1.4Kw Teflon multiple bath and entire sealing, heating power:1.4KW
Temperature Range                digital control Max:199degree.
Total Power                1.5KW Voltage:~220V50Hz
Condenser                Vertical。
Charging Pipe                The Valve Charging pipe connects with PTFE pipe
Sealing Ring                PTFE Sealing Ring.

2                Discription               
1. Double sealing .
2. High rate of evaporation and recovery rate.
3. The air extraction nozzle of condenser is set down, and it is safer after connection with vacuum pipe.
4. Easy assembly and disassembly, simple operation and easy maintenance.
5. Key sealing and electronic components are imported advanced products
6. Building block design is easily to be extended.
7. Speed display, operate visually and easily.
8. Easy operation of lifting, move up and down smoothly and easy to lock.
9. The temperature adopts PID control, which ensures accurate temperature control.
10. The separation of bath and the mainframe makes configure flexible.
3                Note                Packing Size:74X52X65cm, Total heavy: 37KGS
4                Control System                Digital control
5                Packaging                Wooden Box
6                Documents                Data report and other quality certificate documents

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